Are we there yet?

Oh, I can just hear it now…”Mum, are we there yet?” and so on….. Car trip- here we come!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait!! Business has died down a little and it seems that people have been on holidays whilst at work for well over a week now!! I seem to get the lazy email response, and the no-one in the office when I call response….

It appears that we wait all year just so we can slack off at work and have an excuse!! Well, not entirely at Diva Promotions……

We’ve unfortunately had to say no to a couple of clients this year and one more recently who offered us a very outstanding opportunity to really propel Diva Promotions into the New Year. Why did we say no??

A few reasons- the first is due to the new services that we will be offering in the new year. We are just finalising the research now and will have some exciting news after the holiday break.

The second was due to time. What we were asked to do was terribly time consuming and it meant then that we wouldn’t have the time necessary to see through the growth stages of the above services we will be rolling out.

The third was a combintion of the above- we are just not ready, growth wise yet to take on such projects. So, how do we get ready???

By taking on an employeee(or contractor). Wow!! Big things! But we recognise an area that needs to be fulfilled and it’s incredibly frustrating that we are just not quite there yet.

All I can say is bring on 2008!! Diva Promotions is dusting off the wings (or maybe getting ready to attach some!) and about to fly sky high and I can’t wait!!!

 Have a fantastic holiday to all!!!

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  1. LOL – did I give you a lazy email response too?! 🙂

    Next year sounds exciting – can’t wait for the unveiling!

  2. Kerrie, you never give me a lazy email response!! I’m still incredibly surprised that you replied to me- even though you are on holidays!!!

    Thanks so much for your incredible support this year- it is extremely appreciated!!

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