How do we manage?

Well as women and mothers in business people tend to often ask- how do we manage?

And many of us have our own way of managing, coping, whatever you want to call it! We all have different aged kids and some are at school, whilst others are still babies.

So how do we do it? I must admit, not very elegantly!!! I know sometimes my washing sits on the futon waiting to be folded for a day or two (sometimes 3- eek!!) and the kids just come out take some clothes and go.  But I justify this with ” I’m busy making money!!”

Then it’s the TV- yes unfortunately, I use this contraption way too much.  But how I love Playschool….

At the moment, my kids go to kindy for 2 days a week and it is in this time that I get the bulk of my work done. It’s my quiet time to research and plan my business. The other days I just work in my business, answering emails, writing invoices, organising advertising etc.

It can be challenging at times, when you have a business to run, kids to feed, clothes to wash, floors to clean, hubby that needs attention and don’t forget the dog!!

I have one word that I am growing very fond of…


So, how do you do it??

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