Fantastic Feedback- Again!

Yep, another satisfied client. Kelly from Nuvo Maternity recently ran another advert in the newsletter campaign. And again, it paid for itself plus some and some more newsletter sign ups.

This is not the first feedback like this that we’ve had in regards to our campaign. There have been at least two other businesses that have experienced positive results from this campaign.

Congratulations Kelly and I hope the New Year brings lots more business and growth to you!!

Grow your business with Diva PromotionsDiva Promotions- not just advertising.

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Are we there yet?

Oh, I can just hear it now…”Mum, are we there yet?” and so on….. Car trip- here we come!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait!! Business has died down a little and it seems that people have been on holidays whilst at work for well over a week now!! I seem to get the lazy email response, and the no-one in the office when I call response….

It appears that we wait all year just so we can slack off at work and have an excuse!! Well, not entirely at Diva Promotions……

We’ve unfortunately had to say no to a couple of clients this year and one more recently who offered us a very outstanding opportunity to really propel Diva Promotions into the New Year. Why did we say no??

A few reasons- the first is due to the new services that we will be offering in the new year. We are just finalising the research now and will have some exciting news after the holiday break.

The second was due to time. What we were asked to do was terribly time consuming and it meant then that we wouldn’t have the time necessary to see through the growth stages of the above services we will be rolling out.

The third was a combintion of the above- we are just not ready, growth wise yet to take on such projects. So, how do we get ready???

By taking on an employeee(or contractor). Wow!! Big things! But we recognise an area that needs to be fulfilled and it’s incredibly frustrating that we are just not quite there yet.

All I can say is bring on 2008!! Diva Promotions is dusting off the wings (or maybe getting ready to attach some!) and about to fly sky high and I can’t wait!!!

 Have a fantastic holiday to all!!!

Grow your business with Diva PromotionsDiva Promotions- not just advertising.

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Where to begin?

Hmm… I’ve had a few pretty busy weeks lately as you can see from my last posts, however I am finding that I am using my diary- lots more!! Working for Mums in Business has been quite busy as Alison has now gone overseas for 5 weeks to visit her family in the UK. So, what’s happening with MIB?? Um… Me! So we’ve been trying to get a whole list of things done for the website and ready to launch in the new year. pretty exciting stuff!

As for Diva Promotions, well I’ve been madly working in the evenings to get my new services up and running for the new year as well. I won’t elaborate too much here except to say they concern: joint ventures, Ebooks and Newsletters.

I can’t wait to have this xmas break and visit the family again. Dad is doing ok- they’ve stopped his chemo as he was getting too sick and is just giving him a more specialised form- directly targeted at asbestos victims. The inlaws have recently bought a hobby farm and have sheep, ducks and are about to get some cattle on it. Liana will be in her element when we visit!!

Bring on the holidays!!

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I did my first teleseminar yesterday. As part of Mums in Business, I was asked to come on the call and take the listeners through the steps I took in ensuring the growth of Diva Promotions. We had a fair few people on the call and those that have given feedback say it was a fantastic call.

I can feel the kids getting a bit antsy with the christmas period upon us!! I think putting the xmas tree up had something to do with it. I’m finding it harder to get work done as I’m slowly slipping into holiday mode too!!

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Well, I thought I would take the weekend off work. I felt drawn to the office only a couple of times but held my ground and stayed away. Felt good, although there are a heap of loose ends that need tying up over the coming week.

Nearly had a small fatility yesterday. Whilst cleaning the biscuit and juice out of the fishtank that my darling daughter gave to the ‘hungy fishies’ the motor went kaput. So we had the decision- either find a replacement lid for the tank, buy a new tank, or let the fishies die and get a new one down the track. So being a RSPCA volunteer, the last option was out for me and I opted for a new tank. Little did hubby know what kind I had in mind!! We’ve now got a 60L tank, on a wooden stand with a flip top wooden lid!! Quite a change from our old little 18L tank that sat on our coffee table.

now hopefully only mummy gets to feed the ‘hungy fishies’!!

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Christmas Party!!

As a member of Mums in Business, I went to their Christmas party. Now, not many networking and business groups that I know of have their own xmas party, so it was great to attend.

There were heaps of us there- over 65 I’m told and the food was delicious!! I made some new contacts, renewed some old ones, have a laugh, drank some champas, and won a prize!!! I won a family portrait from Tessa Gallery Studio valued at $450! Yes, I did a little song and dance and pumped my arms in the air and let out a “woohoo!!” and made a bit of a fool of myself, but I was chuffed!!

Then Alison took the time to thank me for all the help I had given her over these last few months which was great to be recognised. I returned the favour and thanked her for providing such a valuable network for all of us.

So, my last two weeks have been so busy, but it’s back to normal next week and if you called and I didn’t answer- I’m sorry!! Try again this week!!

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I’ve done it again!

Well, following on from my latest forgetfulness, I was getting ready to take Hayden to the speech therapist yesterday, and thought I would drop into the bank beforehand. So, we are getting ready, and I find Haydens scrapbook- with a note on it reminding me that we changed our time to make it earlier. Guess what time??

Yep- right then!! I had completely forgotten again!! So I ring up and we had to make a new one for next week but I felt like such a ditz!!

So we went out and bought a new diary for next year- and I pledge to use it!!!

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Publicity Queen!!

Publicity- everyone in business wants it, but how to get it?? Today I went to a meeting run by Donna-Marie from Jacaranda Business Services with the guest speaker being Sally Romano- Publicity Queen. It was a great talk, and even though there was no projector for Sally to use, she did a wonderful job.

Sally talked about the various avenues for media, using the TRUE system. Take a look at her site and also her ebook that she is selling on Ebay for the moment.

The last week was so hectic! It started with my first ever venture to the Redland Women in Business meeting. Of course I went to their christmas party as my first event and found it quite fun. That was last Tuesday night. Then I was out all day Thursday, thursday night, Friday, Friday night, down the coast all weekend, came home on Monday- straight into a committee meeting at the kindy which went forever and was actually a little feisty!!
Then today- as above, and then did one thing that I will remember for quite a long time to come!

I set up a business meeting with one of the women I met at the Redland Women in Business Meeting and then totally forgot to go! Luckily, she rang me as a reminder and only had to wait about 10-15 mins for me to get there. I was very embarressed and have made a note to use my diary more often!!

Anyway, lots of information has been learnt over the last couple of weeks and I will be posting here more regularly!

Grow your business with Diva PromotionsDiva Promotions- not just advertising.

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Winner Finally announced

The winner of Diva Promotions October competition has finally been announced- Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights now has $200 to spend on advertising at Bub Hub!!

Congratulations Sarah and hope it brings in some new customers for you!

Things have been pretty hectic the last week with Diva Promotions. I’ve been working with Mums in Business and I must say, we’ve been making some headway!! Also I’ve been looking into finally getting a CRM program so I can keep track of all of these campaigns, and when people have paid, and when to follow up. My excel and whiteboard just aren’t doing it for me anymore!!

I’ve got my kids Art Show tonight at the Kindy. This is where they display all your child’s art work from the year and put it up for auction! It’s a fantastic way to raise money- our centre is a not-for-profit centre so we need to get as much as we can. Should be a good night- wonder how much I’ll spend this year….

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Roll Up, Roll Up!!

Come and get your Diva Promotions affilate banner!!

Finally, we have launched with ClixGalore. After so much umming and aahing, I decided to ‘screw it and just do it’ to use the words of one very famous business man!

So, visit clixgalore- and look under ‘business’ and you will find Diva Promotions. We have 3 different banners to use, plus a text advert.

Fingers crossed this will go ok!!

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